Driving Safe While Transporting Your Holiday Meals

During the rush of holiday travels, we sometimes overlook some common tasks that we all do that could potentially become a major hazard. One of these common things is transporting food. At Jaguar Houston North, we are glad to inform you of some of the safest methods to keep your holiday feast intact during your trip and not mess on your lap.

Place hot foods like casseroles into a cardboard box. Roll towels and place them under and around the dish to secure in place so it won't slide around during the drive.

If you have enough cargo room, the safest and best way to transport food is to keep it in the trunk. A mat with grip placed under the dishes will keep them steady while kept in the trunk.

A cooler is a great way to transport multiple dishes, it keeps hot foods hot and can easily be secured in your trunk with bungee cords if needed.

Everyone in Houston, have a safe and wonderful holiday!
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