Where is That Leak or Squeak Coming From?

Your vehicle's engine is made up of a complex system of components that need to work together. Hoses feed necessary fluids and air pressure between components to ensure engine performance is optimized. Without working belts, your power steering, water pump, air conditioning, alternator, and other functions won't work.

Hot engine fluids and air pressure cause hoses to crack and wear over time, resulting in leaks and declining engine performance - or even failure. Belts may crack and weaken due to constant movement and exposure to extreme elements. Loose belts don't move around pulleys as designed, causing squeaks and other issues.

Got a squeak or leak? Jaguar Houston North has the technology and know-how to diagnose and repair hose and belt issues before they turn into trouble. We use quality OEM replacement parts and guarantee our work so you'll can worry leas and enjoy the open road for many miles to come!

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