Learn about the performance, tech, and safety updates for the 2019 Jaguar XJ

Sitting at the top of the new Jaguar lineup is the exquisite and exclusive Jaguar XJ. In this long sedan you and your guests can drive around Houston in comfort and elegance! The new models are starting to arrive at our dealership, and here are the exciting updates for the 2019 Jaguar XJ.

2019 Changes For The Jaguar XJ

  • The Jaguar XJ has a hulking size, but it's not a slow-moving model by any means. If you get the Jaguar XJ50 model in the long-wheelbase configuration, you can now get a supercharged V6 that has 340 horsepower or a supercharged V8 with 470 horsepower.
  • One of the first places a vehicle can show its age is in its infotainment system, and even though the InControl Touch Pro™ systems on the 2018 models are still sleek and modern, Jaguar wanted to get ahead by freshening up the layout and graphics. If you want to further enhance your infotainment experience, you can now get Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ with the optional Smart Phone Package.
  • Even the best drivers can use some driver assistance, especially when they're in downtown Houston during rush hour. The Jaguar XJ already has excellent advanced safety technologies that come standard, but emergency braking is now part of the list.
  • If you live in The Woodlands community you probably have your favorite eateries, but what if you want to go somewhere new? Now that the Jaguar XJ has voice technology tied to the navigation, you can just state where you want to go to satisfy your hunger, and the system will show you the way.

To see the luxurious Jaguar XJ in person, visit us at Jaguar Houston North. We're located in Cypress Station near Star Furniture, and once you arrive you'll find a laidback shopping experience, shorter wait times than at other Houston-area Jaguar dealerships, and a beverage machine that can prepare coffees, lattes, or cappuccinos while you wait during your Jaguar shopping experience!

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