Quality Jaguar Tire Service at Jaguar Houston North

Jaguar Houston North offers quick, high-quality tire service, repair, and replacement at our certified Jaguar Service Center just off of I-45 south of Cypress Creek. Our expert tire technicians have the knowledge, training, tools, and Jaguar Approved Tires you need to keep your Jaguar performing and handling like a pro on the streets of Houston.

Why Is Tire Service Important?

Tire Service is vital to keeping your vehicle running safely and surely along Galleria roads. Your tires are the only point of contact between the road and your Jaguar vehicle, so even with the best brakes, drivetrains, and steering, your vehicle can't perform at its best with poor quality or worn out tires. The type of tire can make a big difference too. Performance tires can give you a more thrilling sport performance on I-69, while all-season tires offer a more comfortable cruise along 249.

When Do I Need New Tires?

You'll need new tires when your tires' tread wears down or your tires are six years old or older. A simple test to check your tread depth is to use a quarter--if Washington's head touches the tread with the quarter placed upside-down in the groove, your tires are in good shape. Make sure you test several spots on each tire. If the top of Washington's head is visible, it's time to get a fresh set of tires. Regardless of tread-depth, tires older than six years or tires with visible damage should be replaced immediately.

Why Choose Jaguar Houston North for Tire Service?

Jaguar Houston North tire center professionals are well-trained and well-equipped to work on all Jaguar cars and SUVs. We're specialized in these fine luxury performance vehicles, so we know the exact right methods, tools, and tires to use on your Jaguar vehicle. Nobody knows how to care for Jaguar models like the factory-certified technicians at Jaguar Houston North, located just five miles from George Bush International Airport.

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