As a high-end luxury performance vehicle, the Jaguar F-TYPE at your Jaguar dealer in Houston features a wealth of advanced performance technologies and features to give you an edge on the rest of traffic. Here are some of the Jaguar F-TYPE's most thrilling performance features:

Jaguar Adaptive Dynamics

The Jaguar Adaptive Dynamics system modifies your Jaguar F-TYPE's handling and response to meet your environment, road conditions, and driving style. This system can adjust your suspension dampers to perfectly meet the task at hand, whether you're heading down the highway, cruising around town, or tearing up the track.

Jaguar Electric Power Assisted Steering

Jaguar's Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) technology gives you the driving feedback you want while providing the perfect amount of power steering assistance to meet your driving needs. At high speeds, you'll enjoy precision handling and a great feel of the road, while low speed turns and parking lot maneuvers receive more power assistance for effortless navigation.

Jaguar Intuitive All-Wheel-Drive

The Jaguar Intuitive All-Wheel-Drive system works with a full suite of sensors and software to predict how much power each wheel needs at each moment. In dry driving conditions, you'll enjoy the spirited rear-wheel-drive experience of a muscle car, while in low traction scenarios, the all-wheel-drive system will more evenly split power to the front and rear wheels for increased command and control of the road.

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