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When you're on the path to choosing your next car or SUV, you'll have to do more than choose the model that catches your attention. When it's time to take home your new Jaguar luxury car or SUV, you'll then have to decide how to bring it home. At Jaguar Houston North, not only do we offer both finance and lease services to help you with your next Jaguar purchase, but we also offer lease end services to help you transition out of your current Jaguar model and into something new. Our Houston Jaguar dealership is all about helping you find the right financing or leasing solution to help make your next Jaguar a reality, and we're here to help at every step of the way.

Leasing Vs. Financing: Which Option is Best for You?

Whether you're just getting into the Jaguar world or you're coming from a previous Jaguar lease, you'll have some decisions to make when it's time to take a new Jaguar home from our dealership. You can choose either traditional financing or a new Jaguar lease to help pay for your new Jaguar model, and deciding which option is best largely depends on your lifestyle and driving habits.

You Should Lease A New Jaguar If…

If you're the type of driver that tends to leave the car in the driveway or drives a short distance on your daily commute, leasing is a perfectly viable option for you. In fact, a new Jaguar lease will often cost considerably less per month than traditional financing for the same model, allowing you more flexibility in your decision making. You can elect to jump into a higher tier model or add optional features that will still fit into your monthly budget, or you can pocket the difference and enjoy the savings for the duration of your new Jaguar lease. Alternatively, leasing may not be the right choice if you have kids or pets that might make a mess inside the vehicle or damage the upholstery, as lease-end penalties for damage can add up.

You Should Finance a new Jaguar If…

While it's true that you'll likely pay more per month by financing your Jaguar model, you do have the option to adjust your monthly spend by upping your down payment at the time of purchase. In addition, financing offers more freedom when it comes to your lifestyle and driving habits. You won't have any mileage limitations to worry about, and any damage that occurs as you drive the vehicle won't incur a penalty since you won't have to worry about a lease-end process. In addition, every payment you make will build equity in your vehicle, until eventually you owe less than what the vehicle is worth, making it a valuable bargaining chip when it's time to find a new vehicle down the road. Plus, you can choose to live without a car payment once your Jaguar model is paid off completely, giving you even more financial freedom and flexibility once your loan term has been paid for.

Jaguar Lease End Services in Houston

As your current Jaguar lease nears its end, our Houston dealership is here to help you navigate the final few steps so that you can move on quickly and easily.

You'll have four unique options when it comes time to end your current Jaguar lease, and its completely up to you to decide which option is best for you! You can extend your current lease, buy your leased vehicle outright, jump into a new Jaguar model, or simply turn in your lease and move on.

If you wish to extend your current lease to continue driving your current Jaguar awhile longer, you can do so by contacting our finance team and requesting a six-month lease extension. Every Jaguar lessee is entitled to a one-time six-month lease extension should you choose to take it, allowing you more time with your current Jaguar model before you have to move on to another option.


Loving your Jaguar but looking for something new? Complete your lease turn in and explore our current crop of new Jaguar models to find your next luxury car or SUV.

If you have truly fallen in love with your Jaguar model and would like to keep it beyond an extra six months, you can opt to buy out your current lease and put yourself on the path to ownership. Contact our Houston dealership to set up an appointment and we'll give you a payoff quote so you can buy your Jaguar outright. You can finance this amount as well, so you can continue making payments until you own your Jaguar.


And if you're looking to move on altogether, you can simply follow the standard lease turn-in steps and return your Jaguar to us in Houston.

Fill Out Our Online Finance Application!

Looking to get a head start on your next Jaguar purchase or lease? Fill out our online finance application ahead of your visit and we'll get started on the paperwork before you arrive. We'll let you know all the available options you have so you can find the new Jaguar model that suits your lifestyle and fits your budget. We can also help you take advantage of Jaguar incentives to make your next Jaguar a reality.


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